A list of jobs in criminal investigation criminal investigators uncover the circumstances and perpetrators of crimes they use many methods to gather this information including interviews background checks of phone and financial records and analysis of evidence collected at the crime scene most criminal.

These jobs pay a median salary of 63 710 per year with the field expected to grow 7 by the end of the decade nuclear medicine technologist nuclear medicine can help radiology professionals take more accurate images and nuclear medicine technologists are experts in administering and explaining this medicine to patients they follow.

Radiology management and administration this category also houses emerging areas such as forensic veterinary science and forensic nursing sometimes a specialty area grows enough to become a stand alone discipline such as digital and multimedia sciences other times more niche specialties will remain listed under general.

Job title posted on last date examination assistant 17 dec 2021 02 jan 2022 apply site engineer electric multan campus.

Image guided locoregional therapies lrts are a crucial asset in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma hcc which has proven to be characterized by an impaired antitumor immune status lrts not only directly destroy tumor cells but also have an immunomodulating role altering the tumor microenvironment with potential systemic effects.

Offers of employment by the university of illinois may be subject to approval by the university rsquo s board of trustees and are made contingent upon the candidate rsquo s successful completion of any criminal background checks and other pre employment assessments that may be required for the position being offered.

23 forensic science technician 61k supporting criminal investigations can be an exciting way to put your scientific knowledge to work forensic science technicians collect physical evidence at crime scenes and analyze it in laboratories they might specialize in areas like blood patterns dna toxicology or ballistics.

You may have heard of the road to success standing for radiology ophthalmology anesthesiology and dermatology these are four specialties with good pay and fantastic lifestyles despite its high pay of 392 000 and a flexible lifestyle anesthesiology is less competitive likely a function of supply and demand with many residency spots.