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This revolving door visa bullshit is patently nonsense even on 5y visas in order to get 10m foreigners working in japan you rsquo d need 2m new ones each year the more foreigners you need the harder it gets year on year and as soon as you have a couple of lean years for whatever reason the whole concept collapses along with the economy.

1 an influx of unskilled foreign labor will suppress domestic wages is a valid argument being played out this very day in the uk and has been playing out in the developed world for the last 10 15 years to label everyone with such concerns as a bigot and a racist seems stalinist this is a very valid concern in the early 21st century 2.

Covid 19 information all non essential travel to the countries of the schengen zone from most third countries is banned until further notice while border control within most schengen member countries the uk and ireland are progressively reduced some of austrias lockdown rules have been relaxed hotels are closed to non essential travellers many places.

The israeli government rsquo s decision to apply the 1952 law of entry to palestinians from east jerusalem the law applicable to foreigners who enter israel and want to reside there and offer them permanent residency instead of automatic citizenship further demonstrates the extent to which demography dictates israeli policy in jerusalem.

Summary about 6 8 million jewish israelis and 6 8 million palestinians live today between the mediterranean sea and jordan river an area encompassing israel and the occupied palestinian territory.