A criminology major studies criminal behavior and its biological psychological and social causes criminology majors get a broad education in the law research methods and sociology and psychology.

Jobs you can get with a criminology degree there are a variety of job titles that you can hold with a criminology degree here are our suggestions for criminology degree jobs 1 loss prevention officer average salary 14 36 per hour why it fits a criminology major loss prevention officers specialize in preventing theft and apprehending.

As you can imagine there are many many different types of jobs available in this sector and they overlap with careers in criminology for example a forensic psychologist can be said to work in both criminology and criminal justice because he studies and observes criminal behavior and is often also instrumental in investigating crimes profiling criminals and offering.

Criminology is the study of crime and is a branch of sociology it involves research into and analysis of who commits crimes why they commit them their impact and how to prevent them the goal of criminology is to determine the root causes of criminal behavior and to develop effective and humane means for addressing and preventing it.

In conducting a security management related research there is a blurry distinction with criminology or conflict management research the theoretical framework one can choose from are in fact the.

The writing experience that sociology majors gain in their major courses can be directly applied to careers in publishing journalism and public relations jobs an understanding of social patterns is also key in this job field government services public sector governmental jobs are available at the federal state and local level.

Criminology criminology is the most suited minor for criminal justice minors it is the study of crime where individuals study research and analyze crimes and deviant behaviors the subjects educate how when why and where of the crimes and promote critical thinking.

There were two main contributors to this theory of criminology and they were jeremy bentham and cesare de beccaria they are seen as the most important enlightenment thinkers in the area of lsquo classical rsquo thinking and are considered the founding fathers of the classical school of criminology.

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Our criminology degree tackles the problems of crime deviance victimisation and social harm in a high quality programme that makes the subject exciting and intellectually challenging the degree draws on the department rsquo s expertise in crime prevention surveillance policing sentencing victimology youth justice and corporate crime.

By earning your online degree in criminology and crime analysis youll be well positioned for the fastest growing career paths in this field the u s bureau of labor statistics bls reports nearly 95 200 new jobs in protective service occupations 1 and 17 growth in demand for social and community service managers through 2029 1.

How can we address the challenges of our increasingly high tech world the science and technology studies sts major unites the perspectives of the humanities and social sciences together with science technology and medicine sts students learn to think critically explore controversies create innovative and responsible solutions to urgent problems and.